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The Whitehall Township Tooling Coalition is proud to offer a West Michigan strategic alliance of 8 companies whose combined resources and capabilities provide unrivaled tooling for manufacturing. Our goal is to provide our customers with toolmaking resources and program management from our broad range of member tool & die companies. Capabilities include expertise in special machining, stamping dies, compressions & injection molds for industries such as aerospace, automotive or consumer goods.  

What is a Tool and Die Coalition ?

 It is a group of Tool and Die companies with different tool making capabilities that have a collaborative agreement to work with each other to improve and strengthen each member company.  Within the coalition these companies can synergize the efforts of sales and marketing, sharing of best processes, implement common tooling standards, standardization of their project management methods and the improved ability of specialized or small shops to develop expertise and compete successfully on larger tool programs.  With the State of Michigan’s encouragement for a strong and continued Tool and Die industry, the Whitehall Township Tooling Coalition has strategically put together a combination of tool shops with many different tooling specialties.  Each member of the coalition now has the additional resources of skilled experienced people and the latest high tech machine tools all located within one hour’s travel time.

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